Book Review of “The Theft of Memory”

I acquisition books to apprehend at my bounded dollar abundance to body my claimed library. I begin Jonathan Kozal’s book, “The Theft of Memory”. I accept been absent to apprentice what to apprehend in the future. My own ancestor anesthetized several years ago and I lived in addition accompaniment so my mother and brother had to accord with the situation. My ancestor had to absorb his time in a nursing home from the time of his achievement until his death.

I wish to apprentice how to plan if it comes time to affliction for my mother or one day if my bedmate needs it afore I do.

Jonathan’s parents lived until the age of 102 and he was 72 years old. His mother was able to reside in an accommodation and ultimately, he brought his ancestor aback home to her because he acquainted so bad whenever his ancestor would say, “Can we go home now”? He enlisted the caregivers he empiric that absolutely cared. They were able to allotment observations they had apparent abaft the scenes in their antecedent jobs and accommodate the affliction he deserved.

I can adjure to this personally. I formed for a year at a absolute affliction aggregation as a administrator and struggled to acquisition competent employees. I would acclaim to anyone financially able to appoint a clandestine affliction giver you can assurance in the home rather than a facility.

The better aberration in Jonathan’s case is that his parents had the money adored to endure until their deaths. His advocate did say they alone had three years of affairs larboard so the timing formed out. For poor aged folks, they are at the benevolence of accessible assistance. It is capital to accept ancestors associates adjacent to analysis on them regularly.

Jonathan’s adventure was alluring because his ancestor was a doctor who had been a medical able in two high-profile bent cases and had one celebrity accommodating who confused beyond the artery from his father’s appointment so he could accept a lifetime of care. The doctor had catholic all-embracing for analysis and accounting abounding opinions.

Jonathan and his parents admired anniversary added dearly so he was able to handle his father’s abatement because he remembered the man he already was. He gave actual acceptable examples of what to apprehend and plan for.

I wish to amusement my developed accouchement able-bodied so they will be affectionate to me in my aureate years.